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180 consulting

+ member

Established in January 2015, the Swarthmore Chapter of 180 Degrees, offers high-quality and uniquely affordable consulting services to worthwhile non-profits and social enterprises. 



+youth outreach coordinator 

+3 years

The CENTER (Create. Engage. Notice. Teach. Empower. Remember.) is a coalition-led hub for child and youth creativity, education, and engagement.

Mission: To join organizational forces in the creation of authentic and inclusive opportunities that empower children and youth to lead positive change in their communities.

The CENTER coalition is made up of educational institutions and non-profit organizations that are committed to social justice and children and youth being positive change agents in their communities.

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city of portland commissioner chloe eudaly's office

+ summer 2018

+ staff associate

working on policy initiatives around researching new equity policy within the cannabis industry, how city engage in the arts and housing initiatives for protected citizens, my time with the Commissioner has been thoroughly engaging, challenging and informative.


GSB law intern 

+student intern, 2016

+I worked under attorney Robert Weaver, reviewing, analyzing and providing notes on his personal cases, as well as litigators and other attorneys.


i love this place pdx

+chief blogger and project coordinator  

+three years 

vision: bridging difference, establish unity and addressing the issues of change one story at a time

mission: a storytelling initiative and platform for meaningful, issued-based youth expression, exploring community exchange


kairos mutual mentorship program


+1.5 years 

working with another high school student, the two of us helped to create lesson plans, activities and a subsequent service project that was completely informed by the direction of the ten six-year old we worked with. tackling conversations ranging from race and power to family and community, the students identified the most pressing problem in their community-- love. 


multnomah district attorney's office 

+multnomah district attorney's office

+3 years

+clerical assistant 

as an internship through my school, I spent a total of three years on and off working with other staff and lawyer's on building cases, processing files and scanning old cases into the system. 


oregon humanities conversation project

+ conversation host

The Conversation Project brings Oregonians together to talk—across differences, beliefs, and backgrounds—about important issues and ideas.

I decided to host a conversation entitled: “The Hate We Live In,” We live and work among systems that were built on racism. Even people who believe in and work for racial equity are immersed in a culture that silently supports structural oppression, especially anti-Black racism. What does it mean for us as individuals to live and breathe these values from the time we are born? How do we start to see and address our own personal biases? 

oregon public broadcasting collaboration

+2 years 

+collaborating producer 

future of the american dream: 

Since the beginning of September, we’ve been talking with Oregonians about the American Dream — what it means to them, how their experiences inform their ideas and how they’re feeling about America in the midst of this most contentious of presidential election cycles. Today, we bring you an hour long conversation with some of the Oregonians who will shape the future of the American Dream: high school students. This show was recorded on Tuesday night in a new collaborative youth space in North Portland called the CENTER.

conversations project:

Students from Oregon City High School recently welcomed their peers from Catlin Gabel, Wilson and De La Salle North high schools in Portland, to discuss their perspectives on “What Makes America Great And Not Great For You?” 


project ECCO

+ founding member 

+1 year

Project ECCo was designed and created by students, for students, who are passionate about current social issues affecting our communities. We come from three high schools across Portland, with different perspectives and diverse backgrounds. Through youth leadership and collaboration, we worked in partnership with PLACE, The CENTER, and Catlin Gabel School to design a changemaker contest to empower youth who share the common goal of making a meaningful positive impact on the world around them.

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swarthmore carbon charge

+ intern

The Carbon Charge program seeks to educate and engage communities on carbon pricing, on and off campus. 

Working with the Sustainability Department, I worked on developing a clear process for assigning and articulating the amount of carbon released by each department on campus.


what now 3.0

+ organizer

What Now started as a proactive event working to bring people out of their homes to connect with their surrounding community and non-profits, making positive change happen. What Now 3.0 is a youth-led, youth-focused event seeking to inspire Generation Z and its generational allies to find new and effective ways to be involved in democratic processes. 

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+performer and community partner

+phenomenal photographer, Angie Smith reached out to the CENTER looking for immigrant and refugee youth in the Portland area for her residency with Wieden + Kennedy. After connecting her with these youth, a participant in her work and a friend of mine performed a poem comparing and contrasting the experiences of blacks and black, African immigrants.




+ imagine this held their annual creative symposium for educators where I led the workshop “amplifying youth voice:” which a space for educators to learn directly from myself, as a student activist, on ways that they can encourage youth agency with their own students.



+panel facilitator

+brining together a group of young advocates, I helped to facilitate a panel dialogue with graduating students of the former Marylhurst University on the importance of cultural competency in the classroom




+after publishing an article in the Oregonian, a student of their capstone project cohort approached me to deliver a presentation about the importance of youth voice and writing as a form of social change.




+during my time as a member on one of RACC’s community artist in residency panels and Executive Director search committees, I was asked to give a presentation offering ways institutions can involve youth in their programming.