from as long as I can remember I have been aware of how the world sees me. aware of what it means to be a person of color. aware of what it means to be black. aware of what it means to be a black man in america. 

awareness and understanding of the long, nuanced history of the systemic, political, economic and social marginalization of blacks in this country, created an overwhelming sense of empathy. the ability to understand the plight of others has allowed my work to extend far beyond the context of my own racial identity. working across sexuality, gender expression, creed, political affiliation, age, ability, geographic location and socioeconomic status, has provided a profound depth in scope and lens of all of my involvement. intersectionality and equity are the focal points of every action, event and activity I engage in. 

this is also home to my creative and artistic thought. using this platform, I see every published piece, as an extension of myself. every piece as a look into my mind, heart and soul. sharing this part of one's self is as fulfilling as it is daunting. this is my gift to you. 


born and raised in portland, oregon's historically black neighborhoods, north and northeast portland, with one of the largest black families in the state, my connection to my family is a crucial and integral aspect of who I am. 

in my free time, I spend time writing, running, taking photographs, trying new foods and enjoying time with friends. 


policy + art + people = change 

this formula is the full embodiment of every interest, passion and value that I hold true. elected office, consulting, policy analyst, filmography, visual arts and social practice are careers that encompass the very fabric of the vision I see for my future. regardless of my title or position, I will work tirelessly to better the lives of the most vulnerable.